NOW CLOSED, OPEN FOR VOTING! : Micro Tales Competition 

In order to participate, you must register with the website and then submit your write ups with a suitable title and a few tags.

Rules :

  1. Word limit : 200 words
  2. End Date : December 15, 2017.
  3. Content must be original.
  4. We will be reviewing the submissions and those with poor grammar and/or spelling mistakes will be removed.

Winners :

There will be 6 winners for this competition! All winning entries will be featured on the page along with the writers.

  1. 3 Winners based on number of likes.
  2. 3 Winners chosen by Editor’s choice.

Steps to participate :

  1. Register and Activate your account.
  2. Under your “Profile” tab, go to Articles and submit your micro-tale.
  3. Once approved, your micro-tale will be published.
  4. The “Micro Tales” tab lists all the approved micro tales. Vote for micro tales that you like! (Facebook likes are counted as votes!)
  5. Share your post to get most likes!

Note : By participating in this competition, you agree to these terms of submission