I live inside my head too much


~ i live inside my head too much.

i live inside my head too much
it’s almost like a game;
my friend said if i want to live
that i must learn to tame

i live inside my head too much –
today i did go shopping
think i had too much to drink;
saw a rabbit humming Chopin

i live inside my head too much –
the rabbit took out his gun
he had a sly grin upon his face
and madness second to none;

slung the gun o’er his shoulder
and, somewhat shakily, took aim
pointed it at me, i said, ‘oh, here come
my fifteen seconds of fame,’

here it is i shall die, i thought,
it’ll be in tomorrow’s paper,
a splat of red, and i’ll be dead,
and the rabbit – he’s mad – shall caper.

a flash! and a bang! gunpowder
decorating the dusty air,
flecks of gray amidst flecks of golden
the rabbit’s crime now lay bare

no help arrived (t’was a deserted town,
now, save for the rabbit and me)
the mad eyes squinted into my own,
while i prayed to the powers that be

alas! my time had come too soon,
said the poet inside me, quivering,
one last penny i could have made
could have sold this one for a shilling –

i don’t live inside my head, anymore.

~ Phantom, The Storytellers.

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