It Started It Ended


It started like the beautiful petals of a rose .
And ended like the thorns piercing our souls, enough to bleed.

It started like the sun rays,
shining bright,igniting flames of love .
And ended with the clouds of over-possesiveness surrounding us,leaving us with a suffocation.

It started like the spring season where nature blossoms at its peak.
And ended with the autumn where we faded and fell like the leaves and were left with emptiness.

It started like the soft breeze at dawn,caressing us gently and refreshing our senses.
And ended like the storm at dusk uprooting the seedling of feelings that was growing within us.

It started like ‘the clearly visible blushing smile’.
And ended with ‘unable to hide tears’.

It started like ‘never leave me alone’.
And ended with ‘please, leave me alone’.

It started like ‘we wish this never ends’
And ended like ‘wish it had never started’

“But why did it end between you two?” They ask
“Maybe because all good things must come to an end, but every end is a new beginning” we answer in unison and look at each other as if asking if we could start it again.
~Simmi Bhatnagar, The Storytellers

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Some are attracted to nature, some are attracted to people but she’s attracted to ‘words’.
A nice perfume may turn people on but for her a pen and paper does it all.
A girl, who is confused about everything in life but reading and writing
Not so talkative person , says a lot through her stories and believes, that it’s the best way for an introvert like her to express easily.



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