It’s 12:00 a.m and it’s cold. Tonight, I choose to look at the stars. Wierd? Cuz that’s something many people do?

Well, the stars mean nothing to me. And my decision of watching them isn’t because I adore their subtle beauty or any such shit. It’s because it makes me believe that a heavenly body, so huge, can look like a mere speck from so far. Just like my immense cauldron of lies looked so petty to you.

How could you be deceived so easily? Are you dumb? You looked straight into my eyes, into the plain lies in them, and believed me when I said those three words which I myself don’t believe in.

I don’t believe in “I love you”? Am I human? Unfortunately, I am. And no, I don’t believe in those words. I’ve never felt completely and utterly lost in you. I’ve never felt my heart swell at the sound of you name, at the sight of your face. I’ve never felt anything.


My kisses are sweet venom.

My touch is unreal,

When your lips touch mine, you feel loved,
Whilst I feel lust, and nothing but lust.
And when you find out about this, I know you’d want to walk away.
But I wouldn’t let you.
‘Cuz I know that a night if love making and fake promised is all it takes to keep you hooked to me.
To keep you hypnotized.

© Samantha

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A 20 year old escapist walking down the commerce stream. Realized not long ago that writing soothes her soul and held on to it. A wierdo who doesn’t express her feelings through emotions and puts it down on parchment instead.


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