If you look at me, you wouldn’t find beauty.
It is like a deserted city
With ruins around it.
Walls so high that people can’t cross it.
So strong that you can’t break it.

A dead corpse of a soul
Imprisoned in blunt failures
And meaningless victories.
All that soul does, is wait!
Waiting to be nurtured again and not orphaned!

If you look at my eyes, you would look away.
They hide the rumble of the heart
And the banter of the brain
The soft eyelids try to narrate a story
But there is no listener
And it doesn’t know how to put an empty dream into words
And those eyes have soaked the tears
Because Pain, that is the only real thing I feel.

If you look at my lips, you will grow tired of the smile.
Smile doesn’t tell the stories that my lips murmurs
Stories that strangle my throat but I still put the smile on. The only shelter!
The stillness resting on my lips
Tell you the untold
And murmur the unheard

Now when I look at myself.
I still find this damaged me,beautiful!
Because that is what my Love made me.
Because this is the only part of Him I have in me. The only thing real!


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